Our Story

Hello Friends,

ATHLADE was created to help naturally and safely improve the health and well-being for everybody. After years of listening to the concerns of our clients, professional athletes, collegiate athletes, weekend warriors and everyday health-conscious individuals, we decided a change was needed.

It’s not by coincidence that my sister, Caroline, and I both choose careers as healthcare professionals. Our mother was a nurse and our father was an anesthesiologist. From an early age we learned the importance of caring for other people and experienced the love that comes from that.

Our formulation team consists of functional based medical doctors, chiropractors, and human performance specialists that have dedicated their lives to helping individuals maximize their performance and optimize their recovery efforts regardless of their field of play. It's no secret that the supplement industry is flooded with products that are not regulated to the standards that professionals demand. In many cases, some supplements can create hormonal imbalances in the human body.

One of our goals in formulating ATHLADE was to create an all-natural supplement that removes the need to use multiple products which can be confusing, costly, and often not an effective solution. We love the saying, “It’s easier to stay well than to get well, and healthier people perform better on a daily basis.” This has never been more important. Unfortunately, at the moment, our country is overfed, malnourished, and prescription meds are being prescribed at an all-time high.

When was the last time your healthcare provider spoke with you about the importance of proper nutrition, nutraceutical supplementation, the importance of daily exercise, proper hydration as well as natural ways to reduce the daily stressors we all face? The fact and the hard truth is that 
the current medical system is reactionary and isn’t equipped to provide proactive forms of healthcare. We all want to live longer and function better; Live with less pain and more energy, live with less stress and medications that
 may create side effects down the road.

With over a century of providing natural forms of healthcare, our practicing team of healthcare professionals all share the same mission: “To naturally and proactively improve your HEALTH + LONGEVITY so you feel and perform better regardless of your field of play .”

ATHLADE is formulated by practicing healthcare professionals that work directly with individuals, communities, and professional organizations. By helping to implement a more proactive approach towards your health today, we can ensure you perform better in the years to come and minimize your need for curative care in the future. We look forward to serving you now and in the years to come.

Please feel free to contact an ATHLADE team member directly with any questions: 

Yours in Health,