Can I take a scoop of ATHLADE on non-game days and my off day from training?

Absolutely!   Taking one serving on your off day and/or travel day is ideal.  Also, if you are experiencing any sports related muscle soreness or joint pains it can be especially helpful.

How much natural cane sugar is in ATHLADE?

ATHLADE is lightly sweetened with 2.5 grams of natural cane sugar and natural stevia leaf. We understand the importance of reducing sugar intake and feel that at 2.5 grams per serving it is in the safe zone for our athletes. Considering that 2.5 grams of sugar = 10 calories and running burns about 10 calories per minute, athletes blood sugar levels and waistlines won’t be compromised. 

Can I pre-mix 2 scoops of ATHLADE in my 32oz sports bottle and refrigerate it over night?

Definitely!  You will likely notice some settling on the bottom so just shake the bottle prior to consuming. ATHLADE is best when consumed within 24 hours after its diluted.  Feel free to adjust the water amounts to best fit your taste preference.   

At what age can my youth athlete start using ATHLADE?

We recommend that youth athletes wait until they reach a body weight of at least 100lbs.    

I am trying to lose weight; will using ATHLADE help with my weight loss goals?

ATHLADE is not intended to be used as a weight loss supplement.  There are no ingredients in ATHLADE that will cause bloating, weight gain or blood sugar spikes.    

Is ATHLADE safe to use if I am taking a prescription medication?

Please consult with your prescribing physician.   

Will ATHLADE be available in other flavors?

Yes, a mixed berry flavor is being formulated and will be available soon.