Can I continue taking other supplements that contain the same ingredients in ATHLADE?

ATHLADE can be used as your ALL IN ONE daily supplement and replaces the need to use other Individual products with the same ingredients. If your healthcare provider has recommended that you take other supplements you should consult with them prior to stopping.


Is there a recommended age for someone to start using ATHLADE daily?

We recommend ATHLADE daily for anyone that consistently maintains a body weight of at least 100 lbs.

If I'm taking prescription medications, is ATHLADE safe to use?

Please consult with your prescribing physician.

What is the best time of day to use ATHLADE?

ATHLADE is stimulant free and can be taken anytime throughout the day. Being consistent in using ATHLADE daily helps to maximize the benefits.

Can I add other fruits into my daily ATHLADE serving or add a serving of ATHLADE into my smoothie?

Absolutely! Many people that prefer a more bitter taste add some fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice. ATHLADE is also a great addition to your favorite blender smoothie.

Is ATHLADE only needed on my game days and only the days that I exercise?

Absolutely NOT! ATHLADE is a daily health and wellness supplement and taking one to two stick packs every day regardless if you have a game or are training is ideal.

Will using ATHLADE daily help with my weight loss goals?

ATHLADE will not cause bloating, weight gain or blood sugar spikes. Some daily ATHLADE users have reported a decrease in sugar cravings and have reported fat loss.

Can I schedule a call with an ATHLADE team member to discuss my specific questions?

Absolutely! Please send your questions to and an ATHLADE team member can schedule a call with one of our specialists.